Monday, January 30, 2012

Family Pictures

Just as a side note... that's not supposed to be a serious face on my dad. Kind of looks like it when its small though. But that's his "yah sure" face. The one we see a lot!

What's going on.

Here's a quick post to catch everyone up on what's been going on.
First of all... Matt graduated! That last semester was crazy for him. He was flying out almost every weekend to either interview for a job or to do a presentation for Bayer Healthcare.

But the semester ended well, though somewhat anticlimactically. 
Since Matt graduated in the winter there was no walking ceremony so the only real confirmation we have that he completed all his classes was the diploma we got in the mail when we came home from Christmas break in Seattle.

After spending more time in the air than on the ground interviewing (well it feels like it anyway) Matt was given a few offeres and we were relieved all his hard work paid off (we were relieved again when we found out he wasn't going to fail any of his classes he neglected the entire time)

I didn't know half the difficulty was deciding which job to take. They were in completely different places, and seemed to lead to very different futures.

So long story short... we're going with Dow Chemical!!!

It sounds like a pretty sweet job even though Matt will travel a lot. I will let him explain it in another post  because I think I get it until I hear him talk about it and then I realize I have no idea. 

One thing also taking away from the excitement of Matt's graduation is that this job doesn't start until June. So we have half a year to..... do.... something...? Don't know what it is yet. Isn't a degree supposed to help with this sort of thing?

Anyways. For the first six months we'll be living in Midland, MI
I believe it is located approximately 

Midland is the home of Dow Chemical but since Matt will be over a territory we won't be living there.
After his 6 months of charm school we'll get placed in one of these beautiful cities:




Or we could end up in Houston...

a joke.

There are a couple cities that are also a possibility but they are pretty slim.

So until December-ish we won't know where we will end up. This wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't been saying that LAST year since I thought we'd get a job and get placed right away.
I'm definitely not complaining though. 

We're stoked.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I dont know why it is getting to be so difficult to find time to blog. So here is a random post from the Disneyland trip last year. I've only had time to scan one small piece of film from the numerous rolls so here is that... 

Dumbo Ride!  This was our first ride on our first day at Disneyland. I used my split-frame camera for this.