Tuesday, April 14, 2009

this post is for erika

we need to do some serious roadtripping

thinking about summertime part one.

so i've been frantically looking through my hard drive trying to find
some images that i have lost and i wanted to use for my website.
unfortunately i haven't found a thing... except a bunch of pictures from several summers ago

these are from almost four summers ago when i took this boy out on a date for his birthday...

Monday, April 6, 2009


here is the picture that we are using for our announcements... i think...

ps. this was stolen directly from alyssa's blog.
you can look at more of her stuff here

conference weekend

this weekend was cool. matt came down to provo even though the weather was more like rexburg weather

saturday morning we had breakfast with the vincents...

orange juice, lemon shirt

it took an hour and a half to finish off the double recipe of crepe batter and we still ate them all...

then alyssa vincent took our pictures for our announcements...
she's shooting our wedding too
she's a pro
i can't be cheesy in a picture... or serious...
this was at the state mental hospital
we were competing for space with a hardcore band filming a music video...