Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gotta Catch 'Em All

That's right, it's job fair time again.
Never once in my career as a student did it ever occur to me to visit the job fair.
Hence my current employment status.
For Matt, however this day does not approach without much preparation.
After weeks of neglected responsibility and late nights in the library this day is here.
Matt's doing the job fair. Interviewing, breakfasting, info-sessioning, and schmoozing his way to the top.
With an impressive resume and a well-tailored suit he's out to catch 'em all - Pokemon style.
(I know its lame but I seriously get the theme song stuck in my head whenever I think about it)

Cross your fingers we end up in the Northwest
Cause if you don't we're going to end up in Omaha
which, despite my recent hiatus from dairy, shouldn't be too bad
minus the fact that is isn't the Northwest.

But then again, it's much to early to tell. So keep those fingers crossed!