Thursday, October 29, 2009

halloween costumes

So... this year for halloween matthew wants to be john stockton, his old basketball hero
here is a picture of him:

The thing is, its our first halloween together and I thought we were going to have a theme... who am I supposed to be...? i don't even know who john stockton is...

well i found out that mr. john stockton was NOTHING without his dear 'ol Karl Malone...
i found MY halloween costume.

This is me and matt this halloween...

here are some more photos of Karl. this biceps are bigger than my head

For Dallin

Flat Stanley and I had a really fun day last week. It had been really stormy all day (it's stormy a lot here) so in the evening we decided to take a drive and explore our town of Springville, Utah...

these are the stormy clouds above a farm that we found.

We stopped by this farm to say "hi" to these horses. The second we showed up they walked straight up to the fence to say "hi" back.

They posed with Stanley
Here's a group shot...

Then... I think the horse started to get hungry....
We decided we'd better go.
We left the horses to explore some old farms that haven't been lived on for many years.
It was getting pretty windy so Stanley had to stay in the car.

We had a good time. Stanley had some cleaning up to do after the horse almost ate him but he's glad he got to see a horse up close and personal.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Holga Images

as most of you know I am not a very organized person. as a result i have a pile of film that i haven't developed and i have no idea when or where it is from. i got these two rolls of 120 film that, judging by all the light leaks and quirks, came from my holga. one was only from this summer but the other was from over a year ago. i'm stoked the scanner was working today and i'm glad that allen's didn't cross process my film even though being given one roll of slide and one roll of negative can sometimes be overwhelming.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I am at the springville library applying for next semesters classes.
I WISH someone could see what i am experiencing riiight now because i feel like i am in a dream or a movie...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Springville, Pumpkins, & Friends

This weekend we had a picnic with james, lucy and her brother andrew who was visiting from Oregon. The plan was to have the picnic at this place just north of Springville but it was raining. So, we just ate at our house and then went and explored this place once it cleared up.

I had a good time climbing over the gaps on the rebar.
Obviously, the ran did stop long enough for us to play around and for hillary and lucy to take some pictures.
Andrew and Lucy. They're twins.
Later that night we carved pumpkins . . . except lucy.
This is andrew and his pumpkin.

I don't have the photo of all of our finished pumpkins yet...but hopefully soon.

It was pretty sweet.

Monday, October 19, 2009


i came down with something strange this weekend. first, after the gallery stroll on friday i was feeling really crafty. then, after cleaning the entire house and cooking a large meal was made fun (because of the carpenters' christmas album) ...
this is what came of it... a christmas craft?
well if you are drinking cider, wearing slippers, and waiting for your husband to come home... you'll go a little crazy

Friday, October 16, 2009

Halloween is coming.

Here are some things Hillary I did this past week...

Springville Music Fest. This was a day long event where a bunch of musicians gathered at the art museum in springville and formed bands. During the day the various bands created a song or two and then performed it at night. it was a pretty cool event. This band was probably our favorite. they played a special halloween sounding song at the end.

I came home on thursday night and hillary had this waiting for us to eat. it tasted like spaghetti. but instead of spaghetti noodles they were letter noodles. sweet huh! i thought so.
tonight we went down to salt lake city to see hillary's photo in the Utah arts council state wide photography competition. The competition only happens every three years and she made it in. We stopped at Moochies because I heard they have the best philly cheese steak in Utah. It was a suprise to hillary, but i think we were both surprised when we realized we don't love philly cheese steak really.

And there you have it. It's been a fun week.

We also stopped at another art gallery/show tonight but failed to take any pictures.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

carmel apples

the fall weather is really hitting and i've been way hungry for carmel apples... so... we made some on monday. it was fun. we wrote on them with chocolate. we made some for our friends lucy and james. the little drawing on the first one is frankenstein by matthew erdmann.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

day at work

it was a slow seven hour day in the darkroom today
i set up the chemicals, tested the fixer a couple times, did some homework,
matthew came for lunch and got 100% on his accounting test
now i'm watching chitty chitty bang bang posting pictures
on our blog thinking about how i want to steal those little kids that
are too sweet for their own good.

i really liked matt's outfit today... and his hair

the one song i hate from chitty chitty bang bang is truly scrumptious.
i hate the word scrumptious and that lady emphasizes it like crazy.

Monday, October 5, 2009

more camping pictures

matt told me to post more pictures from camping at orcas island... so here they are
ps. they are in reverse order but i'm not going to change them
us on the ferry (where i left my camera on the car roof)

eating gelato... pistachio was the best

a picture of matthew in a hat
a picture of matthew in a sunburn

a picture of matthew on a towel
(you can tell who was taking pictures)
girls jumping from a tree

... more pictures of matthew... should have looked at the pictures i uploaded first...

amazing salmon cooked by michael

michael cooking the salmon (i told you it was in reverse order)

erinn eating the corn that we ate before the salmon
matt reading us "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" 

the corn again. it was soooo yummy

boats and boats

we all just happened to wear flip flops that day
it was the hottest day of the summer
what a coincidence. 

matthew and michael
i guess they are friends
but they are too cool to admit it