Monday, October 5, 2009

more camping pictures

matt told me to post more pictures from camping at orcas island... so here they are
ps. they are in reverse order but i'm not going to change them
us on the ferry (where i left my camera on the car roof)

eating gelato... pistachio was the best

a picture of matthew in a hat
a picture of matthew in a sunburn

a picture of matthew on a towel
(you can tell who was taking pictures)
girls jumping from a tree

... more pictures of matthew... should have looked at the pictures i uploaded first...

amazing salmon cooked by michael

michael cooking the salmon (i told you it was in reverse order)

erinn eating the corn that we ate before the salmon
matt reading us "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" 

the corn again. it was soooo yummy

boats and boats

we all just happened to wear flip flops that day
it was the hottest day of the summer
what a coincidence. 

matthew and michael
i guess they are friends
but they are too cool to admit it

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