Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Holga Images

as most of you know I am not a very organized person. as a result i have a pile of film that i haven't developed and i have no idea when or where it is from. i got these two rolls of 120 film that, judging by all the light leaks and quirks, came from my holga. one was only from this summer but the other was from over a year ago. i'm stoked the scanner was working today and i'm glad that allen's didn't cross process my film even though being given one roll of slide and one roll of negative can sometimes be overwhelming.


  1. oh hillary, you're so talented. if you come home for the holidays is there any chance we could get together to do a shoot? i could even pay you, if you wanted!

  2. i promise i don't usually look upset like i do in some of those pictures.

  3. Thanks maddie. I'd love to do a shoot. It would be my pleasure.