Thursday, October 29, 2009

For Dallin

Flat Stanley and I had a really fun day last week. It had been really stormy all day (it's stormy a lot here) so in the evening we decided to take a drive and explore our town of Springville, Utah...

these are the stormy clouds above a farm that we found.

We stopped by this farm to say "hi" to these horses. The second we showed up they walked straight up to the fence to say "hi" back.

They posed with Stanley
Here's a group shot...

Then... I think the horse started to get hungry....
We decided we'd better go.
We left the horses to explore some old farms that haven't been lived on for many years.
It was getting pretty windy so Stanley had to stay in the car.

We had a good time. Stanley had some cleaning up to do after the horse almost ate him but he's glad he got to see a horse up close and personal.

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