Monday, October 26, 2009

Springville, Pumpkins, & Friends

This weekend we had a picnic with james, lucy and her brother andrew who was visiting from Oregon. The plan was to have the picnic at this place just north of Springville but it was raining. So, we just ate at our house and then went and explored this place once it cleared up.

I had a good time climbing over the gaps on the rebar.
Obviously, the ran did stop long enough for us to play around and for hillary and lucy to take some pictures.
Andrew and Lucy. They're twins.
Later that night we carved pumpkins . . . except lucy.
This is andrew and his pumpkin.

I don't have the photo of all of our finished pumpkins yet...but hopefully soon.

It was pretty sweet.

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  1. they don't do pumpkin carving here... carve one for me? haha.