Friday, October 16, 2009

Halloween is coming.

Here are some things Hillary I did this past week...

Springville Music Fest. This was a day long event where a bunch of musicians gathered at the art museum in springville and formed bands. During the day the various bands created a song or two and then performed it at night. it was a pretty cool event. This band was probably our favorite. they played a special halloween sounding song at the end.

I came home on thursday night and hillary had this waiting for us to eat. it tasted like spaghetti. but instead of spaghetti noodles they were letter noodles. sweet huh! i thought so.
tonight we went down to salt lake city to see hillary's photo in the Utah arts council state wide photography competition. The competition only happens every three years and she made it in. We stopped at Moochies because I heard they have the best philly cheese steak in Utah. It was a suprise to hillary, but i think we were both surprised when we realized we don't love philly cheese steak really.

And there you have it. It's been a fun week.

We also stopped at another art gallery/show tonight but failed to take any pictures.

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