Saturday, August 29, 2009

more house pictures... home sweet home

this is where we eat breakfast
this is the other side of the kitchen

this is our "study"/ CRAFT ROOM!! ( all the craft stuff in in the closet to the right)

bathroom. compliments of momma erdmann

the bedroom was messy cause i was organizing things so that picture will come later. maybe we'll have the internet by then so all the people at the library won't know all about our personal lives.
a few words from matthew:
wait till you see the pictures of the basement aka drumset room :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

officially moved in

here is a not-so-perfectly-stitched panorama of our living room.
you get three of the four walls.
i have more pictures but for some reason they didn't all copy to my thumb drive
now we are here at the library using the internet and i don't feel like going all the way
back home to get more pictures. so i'll post them later.
i've applied to a bunch of jobs. ones that i actually like: sushi chef and event planner assistant
lets hope i get a job before its too late
weather here is good. still feels like summer and its hard to make myself work sometimes. good thing matthew is here to make me work. we hardly get a break sometimes.