Wednesday, December 16, 2009

i'm kind of missing the summer

its finals week. i've been working on photos forever
(one of which, was closed by photoshop last night at one am after a couple hours of editing... no return. i'm just barely done with that one now). 
i think my muscles are about to atrophy. 
i would LOVE to go some place warm and go hiking
of course, i'd also like to go home and see everyone too.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Friday, December 4, 2009

i have been knitting in every second of free time that i've had since thanksgiving and i have about 6 inches done. the thin yarn was just too tempting. i should have known better.
tonight is date night with matthew. we are going to watch Fantastic Mr. Fox at the gateway then go look at all the lights on temple square until we freeze to death (it has been SO cold these past few days).
I have a piece in a show that just went up in the Harris Fine Arts Center fourth floor. 
also. I just made a TON of beads in the ceramics lab. pictures of those and all the dishes i made soon to come. 

since i have no classes today and i'm tired of working on photos i was looking through our photobooth pictures and found some random ones.

this one is from tyler and cassie's reception
i've noticed a theme to the pictures of just matt and me. in most of them we are soaking wet.
this is from when we ran through the power sprinklers at the jr high across the street.
i think we just went swimming in this one. not sure. but matt has no shirt on.
he'll probably delete this once he sees that i posted it