Sunday, September 26, 2010

fall update

although the weather hasn't been feeling much like fall, 
the leaves have been changing so we are getting ready!!

rachel and jordan took us fishing for the first time!

the mountains are barely starting to change!
the best part is that they are right in our backyard
getting the pole ready takes some little fingers
jordan was our teacher
pretty much man and woman vs wild right here...
sensei jordan
rachel saw fish down here so we are going for it
still cant figure this thing out... it was the cheap kind so it kept getting stuck

time out for mountain pictures

the sun here is red. so when sunset hits everything looks orange. i have seen some of the pretties sunsets and sunrises here
for those of you who frequent food photography blogs,
please exit your browser immediately...
these are not for the professionally trained eye
(but it tasted really good)

rachel came over and made us dinner one day last week
jordan was recording a beatboxer and rachel had all this food to cook
so after we did some interesting yoga at the hare krishna
we cooked some lemon rosemarry salmon

and an artichoke that was about to go bad
it was amazing

i made this cheese ball for our friend, dave's birthday
once again. disregard the photography. just look at how good it must taste
here is the party
here is the prawn cheese spread... sweden's vegemite
its like salty fish paste
there was some formal dress basketball
orange juice money from the law brothers
happy birthday davy

okay, this next part is about the studio we have been building
it is done
kind of
ta daaaaa!
still have a lot of work and ironing to do

so this is the space. i didnt take any pictures of the lights but they are super cheesy
and that is all you really need to know
we tested it out with some very professional, one softbox photographs

aren't we a handsome couple!

Monday, September 20, 2010

"take a picture hillary, take a picture!"

It's not THAT close to halloween but this should get you in spirit.