Sunday, October 3, 2010

jolley's ranch

we have been dying to go camping and we finally got our chance this weekend
the weather has been in the high 80's but the trees are turning red
so this was the perfect time to camp

we camped up hobble creek canyon at a place called "jolley's ranch"
it was SO pretty and secluded
plus its like five miles from our house and springville residents get a killer discount!

we went with our friends alyssa and kekoa.
claire and andy were there too, but only for the pitch black parts of the day so i have no pictures... (no flash on my camera)

here is lulu helping matt set up the tent

straight up boyscout

it was nice to have the river sound while we were falling asleep
the vincent's tent

making breakfast
trying to make breakfast again
what lulu ate for dinner

matt trying to get conference on the radio
we had a good time. i had a good time taking pictures of lulu
she is so funny!