Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Salmon Idaho with the Stephensons

This is my first time posting here so bare with me...

Lisa (my sister) and her husband Rustin made their way from California up to Idaho to visit family. They came through Rexburg and took Hillary and I with them two hours north of here (Rexburg) to this little town called Salmon. If you are referring to the higschool in Salmon, you could say it's home of the Savages. About 3,100 people live here and amongst those are Rustin's family, the Stephenson's. They spoiled us this weekend. It was so nice, like a mini vacation. Here are some pictures. I hope I'm doing this right...

I feel like there should be at least one picture of Lisa and Rustin! Sorry Lisa. Send me some and I'll slap em up here. 

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  1. LOVE the post!! You two are cute!! I've got a pic of us four!!