Monday, April 12, 2010

another long post about the trip

so before disneyland the family stopped by our place and we played around for the weekend.

nate got a bloody nose
the boys got together and jammed
ems watched

here they are recording a weezer song

dallin recorded it
emily in the car, wearing my hat

dallin looks old in this picture
sunday we drove to vegas.
here we are getting settled into the condo
it looks like we had been here forever but this picture was taken like five mins after we got there

here is valley fire
and ellisha in a rock
matt n dal

mel and rach in the cabbins
so five mins after we get to the cabbins i look over to the side of the hill and i see paul and nat climbin to the top... ridiculous

you probably have to make this big to see them
matt saw them and he started bookin it up there too

next, dallin ran up there too
find dallin

an inspirational nate picture

pictures from inside the rock

matt and mom fit in this tiny hole in the rock


  1. i forgot i have pics of this event on my camera! they're in a folder on my desktop. I'll have to post with mine too. i like these.

  2. Super cute and looks like so much fun! wooo! I like that matt can fit in that tiny hole. skinny kid. haha.

  3. How fun! It looks so warm!!
    Matt is soooo freakin skinny!