Tuesday, May 18, 2010

happy birthday matt!!!

matt turned 23 on saturday so we threw him a surprise party

while he was out skating (and destroying his ankle) kekoa and alyssa (and lulu) came over to help get things ready

here is lulu playing with the zombie doll
rachel and jordan came later and helped finish the pinata
(it was supposed to be a hipster pinata but it ended up being some scary ballerina clown)

alyssa made some amaaazing homemade guacamole and i made some veggie soup or stew or chili i suppose. there was pretty much no liquid in it at all...

what's hot this summer
pinata time
unfortunately i didn't know it took so much work to make a pinata so i had to improvise at the last minute which resulted in a quick kill
we waited a couple of swings before we told matt the pinata had fallen to the ground
rachel and lulu!
after the pinata a random game of stickball arose

at one point in the game jordan hit a line drive into matt which may result in us having to adopt our children. it was something straight out of "america's funniest home videos"

here is kekoa and dave laughing about it

yup. fun day. 
after stickball we went into the basement and matt, jordan, rachel, and me had ourselves a jam. mostly matt and jordan though. my toes kept going numb

we finally got to try out the art city trolly restaurant. it was amazing! thanks to the clarks for buying us dinner! you the best.


  1. sweeet pinata hillary!!
    happy burfday matt!!

    so glad y'all got to come visit in boise!!