Monday, December 6, 2010

jump from halloween to christmas

Thanksgiving was really nice. We had an early dinner with the Erdmanns and a late one with the Gadds and Twetens. We woke up early for Matt's first "Black Friday" experience. I still don't know if it was a good or bad experience. Definitely saved some money though!

a few weeks ago I got together with some of my friends and we made crafts together... Its funny because they were all paper related except one... poor college students?

It was fun. It was even better because we saw harry potter earlier that day!

So here are some pictures of stuff we made on craft day... and all our decorations this year....

oh and that nativity i made last year...
i couldn't find a place for it so it is on our chalkboard table

the shepherds and the wise men are my favorite
so i'm putting pictures of them up...

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