Saturday, April 16, 2011


Today went like this:
8:00 am - Internet Marketing Final
12:01 pm - Jamba Juice Coupon redemption with Hillary (don't get the apples 'n greens fruit/veggie one)
1:00 pm - Consumer Behavior Final
4:00 pm - Turkey Burgers made by yours truly
4:36 pm - Bike ride to school to shoot hoops
4:59 pm - Hillary dominates it (see video)
5:27 pm - Bike ride around Springville
5:40 pm - Walk to Grocery Store to get rootbeer float stuff & redeem free redbox code
5:50 pm - Look at cars we can't buy (including Chevy HHR, Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger, Chrysler Town & Country)
6:00 pm - Make Nachos

6:08 pm - Realize neither of us are hungry for nachos. 
6:30 pm - Watch Rebecca Black's Friday Cover by some girl, it was ooookay.
6:40 pm - Watch some youtube videos of nephew Blake
7:10 pm - Blog about day
Next up...Despicable Me - it'll be the first time we've seen it!


  1. YAY!! We made the highlight reel!!
    We liked despicable me!

  2. hilarious video!!
    Blake and I laughed!

  3. With a shooting performance as good as that, you should probably name your firstborn Jimmer, just in case.

  4. um I have to tell you that I wasn't hungry for nachos anymore after seeing them either. oh just kidding - well not really - but great shooting Hillary - We love you two - your fav Aunt and Uncle lorna and gordon

  5. I like this post. its sweeeeet. and good moves hil im proud to be kind of related to you