Saturday, January 9, 2010

new semester new haircut

i also forgot to mention this.. matt got his once-a-semester haircut and shaved his face so he is missing a lot of hair right now. another once-a-semester thing we did yesterday was go to krispy kreme and order a dozen donuts which are nearly gone now. but now we are so sick of krispy kreme we wont want them until next semester

we also made the most AMAZING alfredo sauce. its this intense recipe that my dad got from some chef. i was so nervous i was going to ruin it. only four ingredients but like twelve steps to the recipe.  it was delicious. 
we were feeling sick so we watched transformers 2 which didn't make anything better.

if either of us have a hear attack in the next couple of years, you know what it's from
(transformers 2 + alfredo sauce of death)

i cut his bangs really short without noticing that the hairs are so small its hard to get them to move anywhere... oh well, i'm an amateur.
ps. matt and i have the same stupid hairline that goes up really high on both sides. our kids will hate us

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  1. maybe the two of you having the same hair line will cancel each other out?! Sweet shot! Teach me all your always have one eye more in focus than the other!