Saturday, January 9, 2010

some more break photos

there really isn't a theme or pattern to these pictures...
the thompsons have some weird kids..
emily kept trying to show off her nail polish in the pictures (bottom right)

(we had lights set up so we could take a photo for some christmas cards my folks wanted to send out)

here is us trying to pose for said photograph
we made gingerbread houses. matt made a beautiful reproduction of our half of the duplex we live in. (notice the car in the car port.)

later we went to the bellevue botanical gardens where they have the whole thing covered in lights. pretty crazy
photo op:

christmas day we got to fly out to vegas to see our friends get married
it was very cold in the desert

new years eve hockey game! (my first ever)
hot tamales are the perfect snack. we passed around a couple boxes before the game was over

the canadian team was obviously the better team. (we lost)
this lady cracked me up so i had to take this picture
this is sometime after new years... i don't know when

emily was watching the boys put decorations in the attic. she was so interested she didn't even notice i was standing in front of her...
nathan is chocolate mouth
and these are for mel

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