Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Our friends Jordan & Rachel Clark invited us to go see their friends bands play at what we thought was a polygamist music festival in Big Water, UT. The festival's real name was V-tunes. We drove down Saturday, watched tons of bands play and then finally Jordan's friends bands played, Joshua James and Cory Mon. It was killer. We braved the super hot desert sun, sat on gravel, and danced the night away. Here are some pictures of the adventure.

Rachel and Hillary.
Rachel's debut with the penny trick (look in the rear-view mirror)
The Clark & Erdmann Crew
We stopped at this sweet cave that turned out to be a big tourist trap. Therefore this picture is all we I have to show. See anything peculiar in it?
And we eventually made it, v-tunes' second year, many more to come for sure!

Rachel and Jordan deemed this as most comfortable spot available (it really was, gravel is no good)
This picture is kinda crappy but that's Joshua James playing up there
So V-tunes got this house boat company to donate a house boat for the event. Since Jordan is friends with the main bands that played, they let all of us sleep that night on the boat. It was amazing! The weather was perfect, and we slept on that top deck and stared at the stars to we fell asleep. The next day we played in the water.
I think this fulfilled one of Hillary's dreams, to slide off the top deck of a house boat into a lake
I think this is Hillary illustrating how white I was by taking a picture of her shadow on my back
Eventually we had to head back home.
The sun really wore us out, except for Hillary. :-P
We stopped at this place in Kanab, UT to take some band pics of Jordan. His band is called Shady Chapel. Hillary got some sweet ones! But this is just to show kinda what the scenery looked like.

And then we made it home. Jordan let me drive some of the way and I think I fell in love with his car. It's a 2006 Subaru Forester. I felt like I coulda drove across the USA in that thing. So fun to drive. Time to start saving some money! :-P

Thanks Jordan and Rachel for inviting us!! We had a blast. You guys are the best.

PS: Happy Birthday Jordan!

WAIT! I almost forgot to put some videos on here!

Jordan owning the house boat slide.

Me trying to do the slide with the noodles but it wasn't as cool as it looks.

Cory Mon

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  1. Thank you for visiting Kane County, UT and Kanab.

    Happy Trails from all of us here at the Kane County Office of Tourism!