Saturday, June 26, 2010

Week 1

Hillary and I made it to New Jersey and our first week has been awesome!

Saying bye to the Utah mountains
My flight from Minneapolis to Newark was better than first class, I had 3 seats to myself.
This picture is for dad, I think that's Pocono Raceway
My first sights of New York! It really does exist.

One of the other interns just graduated from Kings College in Manhattan and has an apartment in Brooklyn, so Sunday we went into town. It took almost 2 hours to get into NY.

Manhattan Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge (I think). I thought it looked like it was sponsored by Verizon in this pic.
Leaving New York and heading back to New Jersey.
This is me on the start of my 2nd day at work (6/22/10).
Hillary's first day at her internship with Bob Carey (6/23/10)
I forgot to mention this, but on our first day the office at Bayer had a big breakfast for everyone and they welcomed us with balloons, cubicles, and lucky bamboo plants.

This is Aaron, he's the one that just graduated from Kings College in NY. He's got severe hemophilia too.
This is Jaycee. He's from Jackson Ohio. He's a "Farm Boy" and this was his first experience in the subway (it was mine too!) ps: he's got severe hemophilia as well.
Empire State Building. Kings College is located in here, so Aaron showed us around some.

Disclaimer: Hillary did NOT take this picture. Some random person did for us. We wanted the Empire State Building in the background...this is how it turned out.

Times Square
New York has pianos randomly placed around the city for people to play. This was just some tourist visiting and as she played a huge crowd gathered around her.
Aaron & Jaycee

We waited here and then met up with Hillary. She had been with Bob taking pictures at Coney Island. Crazy place to meet someone eh? There's tons of people!

Me seeing a subway for the first time. I felt like I'd see the Ninja Turtles around.
This is the view as we were taking the Saten Island Ferry...toward the left of the buildings is where the Twin Towers used to be.
I made Aaron take this picture of Hillary and I even though she didn't want to. :-P
Watching us leave NY from the ferry

I think it's almost 1 am when we took this picture on the subway
Today we drove around New York. We went to Bear Mountain, crossed Bear Mountain Bridge and just explored.

On the other side of that statue was a bee's nest....Hillary was trying to take a picture of it and a bee came out and actually stung her chin. We went on got some Benedryl at Drug World after that.
By this point we were starving so we ate at this place called "Whistling Willie's" that was recommended to us by the lady at Drug World. She said "It's the best burger you'll ever eat, you won't need to eat for a week." or something like that. It was super good. the menu was right "12 oz of pure delight"
These are just the pictures from my camera. Hillary has taken a bunch too. We'll try to keep this updated weekly. We're having an AMAZING time. We both love the work we're doing with the internships. I'm glad we've got 6 weeks left, wish we had more!


  1. What a cool adventure!!!
    Fun pics!!

  2. this looks so fantastic! i lived in new york city for a summer...LOVE it!!! i made james promise that we will go there one time for new years eve. :) i miss that crazy awesome city. good luck with work. you guys are the coolest!

  3. ps- i thought hemophelia was kind of rare?!!? how do you and all your coworkers have it?

  4. Oh and I love the pic of you two on the red couch!! Lookin good you two!