Thursday, June 9, 2011

Baby Races.

The last hour of our crazy roadtrip (which we haven't posted about yet) felt like the longest.
It was incredibly muggy outside, I was tired of eating fast food, and we were both as dirty and run down as our poor car.

But as we were about to get on that last freeway towards civilization we ran across this:

We slowed down and saw this:

Then we parked right here and watched

It was the tiniest race I've ever seen.
Tiny drivers, tiny cars, tiny track

Even though it was dark it was still really warm and muggy and smelled like freshly cut grass. There were about 9 spectators on the bleachers, two of which were local firemen reading books, waiting for one of these babies to fly over the fence (which is made out of water barrels). 

It was fun to watch. Made for a good last stop of the trip.

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