Monday, June 6, 2011

we went to a horse race

So I am skipping a few things we haven't posted about yet... 
but those will come eventually.

So. Here we are. Dallas. Well, Colleyville, actually.
Matt had a great time in Puerto Rico with the Bayer people
(he'll have to post those pictures sometime... when he isn't completely drained after work)
and he is having a great time in Dallas with Southwest so far.

Even if we don't get to fly as much as we thought, there is tons to do in the "Metroplex" 

example: go to a horse race

That's matt watching the tractor pull the starting gate around the track

Behind those huge banks of windows are rows of seats where "fancier" people 
can avoid the heat while watching the race and losing money

This indicated the race horses were approaching the track...
Never seen one of those played before
I'd die if I had to wear that coat in this heat!

Dumping Gatorade on the winning horse...
except its not Gatorade and that horse totally lost.

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  1. Aw, that Gatorade thing you said… that's just a comparison, right? And oh, were you near the track?! That was a cool experience! The jockeys are trained to wear that suit. It would take a lot of guts and sweat to wear that. Haha!
    ~~Lisa Gilliam