Monday, November 16, 2009

christmas tree?

so i know that it isn't even thanksgiving yet but this is our first christmas together and i think i got a little excited. plus i know we won't have any free time after this week because it's push time pretty soon.

so here you go. i'm crazy but if we put up a tree i want at least three weeks to enjoy it
(and we have three weeks til we come home!!!)

most of the decorations are the leftovers of those ugly headband things i thought my bridesmaids were going to wear... and some hemp and stuff...

these are the little yarn things hanging from the ceiling. we don't have a star or an angel or anything.


  1. super cute. You are way creative, I like the little things hanging from the ceiling. Our star is pretty...but too heavy and makes the tip of the tree fall to one side. funny.

    enjoy your first christmas! it's lots of fun.