Tuesday, November 3, 2009

flashback: Summer

This summer (before we got the beautiful imac) i used matt's laptop and have a ton of stuff saved to the desktop i need to get rid of. of all the stuff on the desktop i realized i have a bunch of pictures from this summer that never got on our blog.

since we are going through this nice little phase of warm weather before the inevitable pre-thanksgiving snow storm i'm going to post them (then i can delete them from the desktop)

here they are...

These photos are from our excursion on mount pilchuck. we were looking for goat lake and never found it so we hiked pilchuck instead. gorgeous hike. i feel like i took more pictures but these are the ones i have right now...

We hiked in our swimsuits... we were looking for goat lake as i said earlier. but we ended up hiking the last 45 mins in snow... in our swimsuits... in my chacos. i had cold, dirty feet.

this is from when we made potato chips so matt could experience all the different uses of his cutco peeler. they were very good but we all felt miserable that night...
fourth of july 2009

the ward breakfast involved cherries...delicious cherries and you can tell who ate them and who didn't.
we bought some face paint (same stuff i used for this years halloween)

we had approx. 6,000,000 bottle rockets that had to be lit off before we could light any aerials. it was not for the faint of heart. or the athsmatics.

at least real grenades explode. these just smelled like fart.
jim and kelli used my hemophiliac husband as a launch pad for bottle rockets. fortunately his pants that we got in hollywood went unscathed.
eagle tattoo and flag. 100% american (minus the rainbow tattoo... unacceptable)

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