Sunday, November 29, 2009

thanksgiving... kinda

The Erdmanns (Jim, Diane, and Kelli) came down to spend time with us and the other Erdmanns down here in Springville for Thanksgiving.

I don't have much pictures about that. just a few on film. 
but here are some pictures of our adventure in "Satan's Playground" or whatever you call it....

I've always wanted to know what this was. Jim says it was a smoke stack. Crazy

The next day... I think... Matt, Kelli, and I went to the studio to goof around and help me get a "jumping" shot I need for some project.

Kelli is Kute.

Kelli is Krazy
Matthew is a janitor
(he will be if he doesn't pass calculus)
I think this one is my favorite...
but this is my favorite shirt for sure.

After the studio we went to the old mental hospital where matt and i took our engagement pictures and took some more pictures of kelli.
It was the best. no retouching needed. kelli is a good model.

we have lots of these but i think this one is my favorite
matthew is a good assistant/model/weird hair man

this is totally a catalog photo


  1. Wow wow wow wow!!! Love every single one!!

  2. niiicely done Hillary! Those are fantastic, like always and your friend is good with the modeling C: