Monday, March 1, 2010

blackmail etc.

So i was looking for some photo i had taken a LONG time ago (well it feels like a long time ago) and i ran across a bunch of very blackmail-y pictures i had put on my photobucket back when my password was "donniedarko" and my username was a loudermilk lyric. (it took me FOREVER to remember that info!)
identities will not be disclosed to avoid embarrassment
and i will begin with this cute picture of nate and dal

will someone tell me who this baby is?
for the life of me i cant tell who it is. 
we must be related because that is definitely grandpa who is holding him/her
...really cant tell though. dang!

also who is this baby. looks more like a thompson but hasnt really developed any defining features besides the pointy ear... blue jumpsuit makes me lean towards boy...
blackmail for an especially teasy member of my family 
first snowboarding experience, 12 years old
how i am fortunate enough not to posses any pictures of myself from this trip, i may never know


  1. aahahahahahah. where did i get my snow clothes from? I don't even remember having a red jacket as a kid.

  2. wait... that is me right? i mean.. it looks like me.. i think.