Saturday, March 13, 2010

busy busy

Judging by the dishes in our sink, i think its safe to say we haven't been home much in the past two weeks...
that also means we've gotten a lot done!
for matt, that means he's staying on top of his homework and killing all his tests
for me, that means i only have ONE more photoshoot (well 1  1/2) left for my BFA project (going up april 1st)
this is all thanks to rachel clark for helping me busta move these past two weeks

this weekend we began filming for "Gerald"
it's my friends' capstone project (for film....)
since they are BFF they are doing it together jeremy is the director and chris is the producer
and since i can't show you pictures from my BFA project (i don't know why... just no one will let me) i will show you some from theirs. film majors are so much more down to earth than photography ones...
here is a picture of jeremy

here is a picture of chris (and a bleeding "tucker")

this is the camera they film with (yeah, its a red)
this is what we do when everyone else is setting up
(the rex lee run was today and these guys were cheering them on)

some are runners... some are watchers
and finally, here is gerald 
played by naimat moosavi

if you dont recognize the man and the puppet above that is because you haven't watched the tim and eric awesome show, great job on cartoon network that's david liebe hart and chip the black boy) watch that for a sample...
this last one is my favorite

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