Saturday, March 13, 2010

Who said we were busy?

Ok, we have been pretty busy, but not too busy to pass up our "saturday." because we knew this weekend was so busy, well, busy for hillary, we decided to have our saturday on thursday. After my (matt) classes were over hillary and i went back to springville and our saturday began. we ended up riding our bikes all around springville. we originally wanted to ride our bikes to provo but there isn't really a safe way to do we headed torward wal-mart on the newly paved 4th south.

Despite it being so sunny, it was very cold. (See hillary wiping her nose below)

We're laughing in the picture below because we set the camera timer to take our picture and right as the picture takes this old man rides by on the other side of the ledge that our camera is on and says "hello!" We felt kinda dorky, especially because tons of cars were zooming by at 50 miles an hour at the same time. This was the result.

Hillary was smart and brought a scarf. I think this picture is sweet.

So we made it to the Wal-Mart area and then we saw it, Ihop. We both knew right then what we were having for dinner. We went in and were seriously the only people there.
We got a spinach mushroom omelet and strawberry banana pancakes. It was delightful.

Then we rode home. Wait, we did go to Wal-Mart for some things but then realized he had to get home before the sun was we left. On our way home we found what I'm pretty sure is a Burger King double cheeseburger. Whoever bought this should have went to Ihop I suppose.

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  1. You two are so cute!! Looks like a fun adventure!! Sweet pics!!