Thursday, March 18, 2010

in the market for a sewing machine

okay so here it is. i like to sew. turns out i have enough patients to sew and it is almost as relaxing as yoga. almost.
so, as a graduation present to myself, i've decided to buy a sewing machine.
the problem is this: i've read so many reviews that they are all starting to contradict each other.
the only one without any negative remarks is bernina but there's an extra zero on the end of that price that i'm not ready to pay.
does anyone know a good machine that isn't too expensive?
or a good brand that i can find used and know it isn't about to die?

also... here is a picture for rachel cause the one on her blog was really dark
this may have something to do with my bfa.... which goes up april first
be prepared

i also want everyone to know that i went on a walk today and was only wearing shorts and a t shirt! its already begun to get windy and stormy but for the record, it was THAT warm today.


  1. i got a refurbished janome heavy duty off of for $50 with free shipping! and it's great!

  2. neat! thats an amazing deal! i'm totally checking it out.