Sunday, July 11, 2010

week 1 by hillary (kind of a repeat)

so here are some photos from week 1 that were on my camera
it takes me way longer to put up any pictures.
i accidently deleted bridge and i can't get it back.
so i can't preview any of my photos.

our room...

ps. our room really isn't this bright. this was a long exposure.
we have this one window and a lot of "mood" lighting
which basically means when the curtain is closed you can't see a thing.
i have to pull out my cell phone to find clothes in my dresser.

my 1st day of work. matt's 4th day.

the church in upstate NY we stopped at...

when me and matt die. this is how our headstones are going to be...
the only picture i got before the bees got defensive.

creepy statue (beehive is under her armpit on the other side) after i got stung i had to come around on the other side to get any photos...

i have more photos of weeks 2 and 3 coming soon

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