Monday, July 5, 2010

Week 2!

Ok, so these are the pics from my (matt's) camera this weekend. I think these are in sequential order for the most here we go...

Friday, July 2nd we went to Hoboken NJ for some Indian Food. It got dark faster than we thought so we didn't get to spend as much time there as we would have liked to, but we saw some cool buildings. After dinner we saw Toy Story 3.
Continental breakfast every day.... sometimes you got to mix it up a bit...
Sunday July 4th, on the boardwalk at Coney Island. Wall ball.
This place looks cool but it was so smelly. Too many people with b.o.
Stopped at the famous Nathan's for some hotdogs. Very crowded...

Jaycee and Aaron's before picture of eating el hot dog...

And the after picture....
This building just looked cool, it's on the boardwalk

Did I mention there were TONS of people?

Driving to Brooklyn to park the car and explore more of New York
Oh yeah! I forgot to mention, after walking on the boardwalk we found a spot on the beach and swam in the Atlantic! It felt sooo good! I think we got some pictures with Hillary's camera. This is us driving after spending time at the beach.
Jaycee the farm boy felt a little more at home upon seeing this here cow
We're big fans of 30 rock so we had to come check out the Rockefeller center

And here's the Apple store

This place was so crazy. It's open 24/7 and there are a million employees and customers. We called Lisa and Rustin on an iPhone 4 and did the video chat for a bit. It was pretty neato.
Not far from the apple store is Central Park. It was amazing. It made home alone 2 seem so real

I told Hillary if we had lived in New York, my proposal might have been a bit more romantic...
When the night came, we headed down to the hudson river on the Manhattan side to see the Macy fireworks. It was kinda fun to rough it with all the other peeps.

And there you have it. We did some other things like on Saturday we went to Governors Island and watched a free show. Portugal the Man played and two other bands. That was a ton of fun and we got some sweet pictures from that. I'm sure they'll make it up here soon.

Time for sleep.


  1. COOL cool COOL!
    We looked for you while we watched the Macy's fireworks!!
    But we couldn't find ya!

    It was a sweet show however!

    Looks like you guys are having a bLAST!
    I wish we could come visit.

    You two, or four, should go check out that bakery in NJ that has a show on's Called Carlos' Bakery I think!

  2. I love Nathans hog dogs! so good. always crowded. but Coney island looked way more crowded that weekend. no worries there was 40,000 people at modest mouse in salt lake. insane!!! (thats an understatement. go to tiffanys! that was my favorite!

  3. whaaat? how can you even fit 40,000 people in that park?!?! ridiculous.