Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Week 3 Matt Cam...

I think I'm getting used to being here because I'm not taking as many pictures as I used to. But here are some from week 3.

I made a friend on my train ride to Harrisburg PA (see picture). I guess you could call this my first business trip. I went there to do a ride along with a KogenateFS Rep(the drug bayer manufactures to treat hemophilia A). It was awesome. First time on an amtrak too!

Just a picture of a train that passed by.
On Saturday we spent the day in Manhattan. Even though the McDonalds in NY doesn't have a real dollar menu, it's still cheaper than most everywhere else. Snack size oreo mcflurry!

Grand Central Station.

The inside of Grand Central Station.

On the Subway with Hil.

Union Squre has lots of neat stuff going on all the time. This guy was putting on a breakdance/contortionist show. He's about to jump over 6(?) girls.

And there he goes...

Watching the World Cup at the Hotel. Well, I just watched, Hillary multi-tasked like she usually is doing.

Yeah Spain.

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