Sunday, July 25, 2010

Week 4

Trying to keep up but things are getting busier as our internships near the end!

This is a view from our friend Steve's apartment building. He and Lucy were visiting so we met up with em on a friday night.
Getting pizza with Lucy & Steve. Gotham Pizza (soo good!)

I think that sign looks like a hamburger. Hillary thinks it looks like a frog.
Last minute we decided to go with Erin to Maryland. This is what we saw. Washington DC temple.

There were a lot of amazing sculptures at the visitors center.
Then we went to the Washington DC Zoo, the Smithsonian Zoo I think.

After that we ate at this little mexican cuisine where they messed up all our orders.
Washington Monument

I made hillary get in this picture with me.
White House.
Baltimore Inner Harbor! It was on the way back to NJ so we stopped for lunch.
This picture is for Dallin, we didn't go into the museum because it wasn't free, but I thought this was cool.
Baltimore Inner Harbor again.
Eating Chicago style pizza. Mmmm.
The cruise ship we didn't go on.
Next stop, Philadelphia!
Liberty Bell with the interns.
Place where the Declaration of Independence was written.
Hillary in an alley in Philly.
Where the flag was made.
Benjamin Franklin grave.
The philly cheese steak place across the street from the original philly cheese steak place.
Jaycee and Aaron eating at Pat's (The original philly cheese steak place).

Week five has just come to a close. Hopefully I'll get those up soon. By the way, these are just from my (matt's camera). Hillary has some stuff too!