Thursday, March 18, 2010

I like thursdays.

Today's been a nice day. I really like thursdays because both of our schedules are less busy this day. It's usually a catching up day, whether it's doing lots of homework, cleaning up the house, or catching an afternoon nap. Today we both did a little of each.

This evening we had some free time so I thought it'd be a good chance to do our taxes. Hillary and I went to the living room to do this and not long after this was the result. :-P

Isn't she cute?! I like her.

Good news, finally some appointments at BYU opened up for free help filing taxes so we didn't actually end up doing them tonight. our appointment is next thursday at 2 o clock. Yes!

While hillary's been catching up on sleep i've just been trying to figure out my graduation plan. I filled out a request to take some classes this spring prior to being admitted into the business management program. I hope they grant my wish. If things work out, it looks like I could graduate after the fall semester 2011. Of course, this is assuming I get accepted to the program for this fall...keeping my fingers crossed.

Anyways, time to wrap things up and call it a day. the end.

in the market for a sewing machine

okay so here it is. i like to sew. turns out i have enough patients to sew and it is almost as relaxing as yoga. almost.
so, as a graduation present to myself, i've decided to buy a sewing machine.
the problem is this: i've read so many reviews that they are all starting to contradict each other.
the only one without any negative remarks is bernina but there's an extra zero on the end of that price that i'm not ready to pay.
does anyone know a good machine that isn't too expensive?
or a good brand that i can find used and know it isn't about to die?

also... here is a picture for rachel cause the one on her blog was really dark
this may have something to do with my bfa.... which goes up april first
be prepared

i also want everyone to know that i went on a walk today and was only wearing shorts and a t shirt! its already begun to get windy and stormy but for the record, it was THAT warm today.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Who said we were busy?

Ok, we have been pretty busy, but not too busy to pass up our "saturday." because we knew this weekend was so busy, well, busy for hillary, we decided to have our saturday on thursday. After my (matt) classes were over hillary and i went back to springville and our saturday began. we ended up riding our bikes all around springville. we originally wanted to ride our bikes to provo but there isn't really a safe way to do we headed torward wal-mart on the newly paved 4th south.

Despite it being so sunny, it was very cold. (See hillary wiping her nose below)

We're laughing in the picture below because we set the camera timer to take our picture and right as the picture takes this old man rides by on the other side of the ledge that our camera is on and says "hello!" We felt kinda dorky, especially because tons of cars were zooming by at 50 miles an hour at the same time. This was the result.

Hillary was smart and brought a scarf. I think this picture is sweet.

So we made it to the Wal-Mart area and then we saw it, Ihop. We both knew right then what we were having for dinner. We went in and were seriously the only people there.
We got a spinach mushroom omelet and strawberry banana pancakes. It was delightful.

Then we rode home. Wait, we did go to Wal-Mart for some things but then realized he had to get home before the sun was we left. On our way home we found what I'm pretty sure is a Burger King double cheeseburger. Whoever bought this should have went to Ihop I suppose.

busy busy

Judging by the dishes in our sink, i think its safe to say we haven't been home much in the past two weeks...
that also means we've gotten a lot done!
for matt, that means he's staying on top of his homework and killing all his tests
for me, that means i only have ONE more photoshoot (well 1  1/2) left for my BFA project (going up april 1st)
this is all thanks to rachel clark for helping me busta move these past two weeks

this weekend we began filming for "Gerald"
it's my friends' capstone project (for film....)
since they are BFF they are doing it together jeremy is the director and chris is the producer
and since i can't show you pictures from my BFA project (i don't know why... just no one will let me) i will show you some from theirs. film majors are so much more down to earth than photography ones...
here is a picture of jeremy

here is a picture of chris (and a bleeding "tucker")

this is the camera they film with (yeah, its a red)
this is what we do when everyone else is setting up
(the rex lee run was today and these guys were cheering them on)

some are runners... some are watchers
and finally, here is gerald 
played by naimat moosavi

if you dont recognize the man and the puppet above that is because you haven't watched the tim and eric awesome show, great job on cartoon network that's david liebe hart and chip the black boy) watch that for a sample...
this last one is my favorite

Monday, March 1, 2010

one last post for today... i swear

i just found a whole bunch of pictures from the glenhood
it was a good time. 
we have a lot of good twin pictures from that era

this first one of dallin is from when the family stopped by for a few hours on their way to disneyland. we are eating some amazing indian food.
dallin looks like he's blind
and what does his shirt say??
academy award night at keith's
melissa is announcing a winner
(during the commercial break for the actual oscars)
section 8 housing never looked so good

red carpet shots
(i made that dress... kinda)
band photos ... kool-aid mustaches 

band photo #2 from when i had yellow hair...

mel had a weird way of picking up guys
a pug show at velour


and here are some pictures from park city, UT 
sliding practice a couple days before vancouver. 

just wanting to let you know, that should be ME in that bobsled, Mel and Erika too. 
What happened, guys? I could be in the best shape of my life this year and on my first real trip to Canada!

blackmail etc.

So i was looking for some photo i had taken a LONG time ago (well it feels like a long time ago) and i ran across a bunch of very blackmail-y pictures i had put on my photobucket back when my password was "donniedarko" and my username was a loudermilk lyric. (it took me FOREVER to remember that info!)
identities will not be disclosed to avoid embarrassment
and i will begin with this cute picture of nate and dal

will someone tell me who this baby is?
for the life of me i cant tell who it is. 
we must be related because that is definitely grandpa who is holding him/her
...really cant tell though. dang!

also who is this baby. looks more like a thompson but hasnt really developed any defining features besides the pointy ear... blue jumpsuit makes me lean towards boy...
blackmail for an especially teasy member of my family 
first snowboarding experience, 12 years old
how i am fortunate enough not to posses any pictures of myself from this trip, i may never know